U Been Skooled

Interactive word game that allows a player to make words out of tiles on a board against up to three computer AI opponents or up to three other live players. Have U Been Skooled today? Try this word tile game and have some fun.

Features of U Been Skooled include:

-A 15×15 tile board to play on for ultimate scoring opportunities.

-Turn based game play.

-Bonus scoring opportunities with 2 or 3 times the word score tile spots (2w or 3w) and 2 or 3 times the letter score tile spots (2L or 3L).

-A word challenge feature. You never know when your opponent can’t spell.

-Single player play versus up to three computer AI opponents.

-Multi player play versus up to three other player opponents.

-A pause feature.

-Fun music and sounds. The player can choose to have the sound on or off.

-An instructions feature for those players who have forgotten how to play with tiles, to spell, and make words.

-The ability to purchase a version of the U Been Skooled game without advertising.

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