Twitty 2 HD Lite

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Oh no! A great storm has scattered the Twitty all across the forest! They need your help. Save the day by helping these petite birds to reach their respective destination.

Twitty 2 is a complete puzzle game for your entertainment. Move the Twitty either vertically or horizontally to make them reach its terminus. Oh, wait… did we mention about static and non-static obstacles? Direct the Twitty in the right path and make sure you lead them into their respective colored destination.

Try this fun game, test your ingenuity and come up with creative solutions. For hours of casual fun on your iPad, Twitty 2 Lite has to be your game. It’s easy, exciting, fun, and highly addictive.
Challenge yourself and see how much you can score!

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• Alluring graphics and good music
• Suitable for all age group
• Integrated with OpenFeint and Game Centre for global scoring

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