Twisted Code Breaker HD Free


Twisted Code Breaker is a classic game of deductive reasoning. This app takes a spin on the classic game and introduces a countdown timer to force the codebreaker to make a decision before time expires. There are many options and levels to play. Increase the challenge using no colored pegs to choose from or make it so that multiple pegs of the same color can be used.

Twisted Code Breaker is an excellent way to help improve deductive reasoning and concentration!

Choose from 4 peg combinations up to 6 peg combinations. Play against your device or against a friend.

There’s even a “Peak” features where you get up to 3 peaks per game!

Features include:
* Same colored selection.
* No color selection.
* Timer countdown.
* Reveal answer in correct peg order.
* Reveal only those that are correct and in the correct position and those that are correct in the wrong position but does not reveal peg location.
* 3 levels – 4 peg code, 5 peg code, and 6 peg code.
*3 peaks per game.

This game supports all iPads using iOS 3.2 and greater.

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