Twirdie Lite

Twirdie is free?! Like, ZOMG!!!

Twirdie is unlike anything you’ve ever played before.

Awesome, but what is it? Twirdie is Twitter plus golf.

But, how you ask?

Type in a word and how ever many times that word was tweeted in the past 60 seconds is how far your ball travels.

Sweet, right?!

You can already guess how much fun it is. You have to use larger words at first like “Obama” and “Bieber” to get to the green, but once you do, you’ll have to use smaller words like “ninjas” and “pirates” to sink it!

Of course, we all know, pirates are way better than ninjas, lol.

Looking for more?

Did you know in the full version of Twirdie you can play your friends online, put your skills to the test to get on the leaderboards, and collect tons of achievements.

FYI, for all you “never used Twitter, don’t know what it is, don’t very much care for it” people, you absolutely don’t need a Twitter account to play, Twirdie does all the work for you :D

Just be sure you know how to spell and know a little bit about the world around you.

Recently presented at the GDC Experimental Gameplay Workshop, Twirdie is the brain child of Kurt Bieg, creator of Circadia, and Eyebeam fellow Ramsey Nasser.

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