TwinsMatcher is a fun and addictive board game.

You’ll enjoy the experience of a simple, fun, relaxing game you can
play anytime you like.

The object of the game is to match two adjacent images on the board in-order to clear them out. Once there is enough space, more ways of clearing out images becomes available, which results in more points. If there are open spaces between images, there varying paths add to more points. This is where the strategy comes in for those gamers who want the most points. If an image has more than one possible match, a strategic player will choose the path offering the most points. This level of strategy, coupled with a looming time limit leads to a frantic race against time as you try to clear the board. Each board looks the same but images never appear in the same order. Images are randomized every game and depending on the difficulty, their order will also be random. If things start to get too hard or you can’t seem to find matches, a shake option is available that lets you change the order of the images with a quick shake of your device.
Easy, simple and fun!
Download it now!


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