TWENTRIS = Twenty + Te + tris
TWENTRIS is a Tetromino that adds 20. Like a Te-tris shape.
The game consists of selecting 4 numbers that add 20 and forming a Tetromino.
You have to find the 4 hidden TWENTRIS in the box.
The faster you find them more points you receive.
You have 100 seconds per Round and each game has 4 Rounds.
Be the fastest in search TWENTRIS and write your name in the World High Scores.
Twentris is like a Te-tris with numbers.
It is a mental math game, and it’s free.
If you noticed the Twentris are within a square of Sudoku.
Twentris mixture Sudoku, Te-tris, Puzzle and Numbers with mathematics.
Twentris is a free arithmetic game for smart people with a quick mental calculation.
You can also search Twentris in your printed Sudokus, but not always are 4.
Enjoy this free game doing mental arithmetic.

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