Turf Geography Club

Turf Geography Club is a modestly great real world monopoly experience. Own, defend, and profit from your favorite places. Whether it’s a coffee shop down the block or a library across the world you can own it all. Turf isn’t a fancy pants angry smirds game. It’s more like a sailing voyage – adventurous and meant to be savored with “frienemies” over the course of months (sea-sickness not included).

– Free to Play
– Compete against thousands worldwide
– Share your location with friends
– Chat with folks near and far!
– Amass great stockpiles of coins and crystals
– Takeover & build valuable real-estate
– Collect rare trophies
– Gain experience and level up!


We’re passionate about Turf and plan to release awesome expansions and features for as long as players will provide us with much needed attention!

Stupendous Future Updates…

– Global & local high score boards
– Add locations in game
– Mini-games
– World domination

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