Turd Birds

Look out below, these birds need to POOP!

Birds of a feather drop t**ds together in this high-flying, tap to crap hunt for targets to poop on. Flock to beaches, construction sites and city parks to take aim on unsuspecting lifeguards, grannies and Facebook friends below!

Watch out for helicopters, UFO’s and toxic waste as you soar through the rapid-fire skies. Snag power-up’s, scoop-up mystery boxes and collect as many coins as you can before running out of gas!

– Watch what you eat along the way because not all poop is as pretty as a rainbow!

– Connect to Facebook and your friend’s profile pictures become targets!

– Collect feathers on your journey and unlock new birds like Sergeant Squirts and The Deuce.

– Game Center tracks achievements like the Pelican Smell-ican and Heckle’m Speckle’m.

***NOTE: Compatible with all iPads, iPod Touch 4 and up, and iPhone 4S and up. T**d Birds is still playable, but not optimized for earlier devices.

Turd Birds Review

As a sage old man once said, "Never judge a book by its cover," and if pressed a little harder, he probably would have added, "never judge a video game by its name." The name Turd Birds is most certainly going to draw some criticism, especially from the "this is why we shouldn't take iOS gaming seriously!" crowd. Two words for that group: your loss! Before you get too upset with the avian community's wanton Read More →

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