Tunnel Ground Free

Fight to survive in the darkness of the desolate future, with only your rusted frame to save you from annihilation by the hostile environments. Scavenge the deep underworld for scrap to keep you alive, destroy those that seek to bring you down and loot their broken hulks for your own ascension. Tunnel ground takes you to the dark edge of a world forgotten, left to rot on the bottom of the world, a shadow of the technology that brought the end to the world, you strive for an escape from the forlorn void that has grown poisonous to sentient life.

Battle your way through 6 progressively more difficult levels, as you find that your worst enemy might not be the environment and it’s inhabitants, but something altogether more familiar…
Scavenge and loot your surroundings and the smoldering wrecks of those who attempt to stop you from reaching your dreams, your ultimate escape from the darkness. Use the scrap you’ve gathered to power your weapons, repair yourself and replenish your ammunitions.

Tunnel Ground 2.0 is the new and visually striking game which combines a strong comic book derived plot with effective, dynamic controls that leaves you free to enjoy the game experience.

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