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Tune Runner is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Vib-Ribbon-esque Tune Racer Announced by Appy

Only the hardest of the hardcore PlayStation fans will remember Vib-Ribbon, a truly unique game for its time that installed itself on the system’s RAM and then used the music of a CD inserted in the PS1 disc tray to randomly create levels.

It’s been kicked around here at STP by a couple of staff members that a Vib-Ribbon remake would be perfect for the iPhone or iPod Touch, which, by nature, is usually filled with music. While we may never see Vib-Ribbon return to the retail market, we’ll soon have Tune Runner, which looks to fill that void.

Tune Runner is about a sentient boom-box named Groov-EE who makes his way through levels crafted from your iTunes songs. We’ve seen this type of game several times before on many different systems, so it’s no longer really that innovative, but Tune Runner does include a neat feature that creates a new online leaderboard for every single song.

The game will be free to play at first, but you only begin with a certain amount of “batteries”. Every time you play you’ll use one battery. You can upgrade to the premium version to disable ads and batteries, or you can recharge batteries by playing a minigame, which we’re sure will be ad-supported.

Tune Runner is due out soon, but we don’t have a release date to share yet.