“Beautiful design; challenging gameplay; unique spin on well known word games” ~ Slide to Play

“It seems that word games are a genre that has been over-saturated with a glut of adequate entries that water it down. Tumblewords reminds us how simple and addictive the genre can be.” ~ App Spy


Tumblewords is an original blend of traditional word games and strategic puzzle games featuring a unique visual component involving a number of talented artists. Creative and attractive backdrops make the challenging word game even more fun.

Tumblewords is perfect for strategic competitive play with friends or unwinding by yourself.

How to Play:

– Choose letters on the board by tapping or dragging over them.
– Supplement the board with letters from your hand by swapping – tap a letter in your
hand, and then tap the letter on the board you want to switch it with.
– If you make a mistake, undo by tapping the letter in your hand again.


•Board “tumbling” mechanic that offers a new spin on traditional word games
•Power-Ups that help create long, high-scoring words
•Track stats and highest ranking words found so far.
•Share with friends and family via social networking sites and email.
•Rich and distinctive art from a collective of great artists, including KC Green
(gunshowcomic.com), Liza Ferneyhough (stellarbaby.com), and (coming soon in a new art pack)
Chris Onstad (achewood.com)


• Music On/Off

• Additional Players

• Social Sharing

**Coming Soon**
New art packs from Achewood creator Chris Onstad!

Tumblewords Review

Tumblewords looks like what would happen if graphic designers were given free reign over the game development process. The game is nothing short of beautiful in its simple and charming themes, which range from a soothing desert to a rocky dragon outpost. Unfortunately, the graphic designers may have taken up too much of this game’s budget, because the gameplay doesn’t live up to the standards set by the design. The gameplay of Tumblewords plays like Read More →