Tug Of War – Challenge Your Friends

Feeling Strong?

Tug of War is a twist on the classic game we’ve all played. You and your opponent each try to bring the rope to his or her side. Whoever can do this first wins!

Battle it out with your friends in “Versus” mode or compete against the computer with an endless amount of levels in “Survivor” mode! Perfect your technique in “Practice” mode to master your tapping! Beware of bleeding fingers!

Tug of War Features

– Intense Tapping Action

– Endless Amount Of Levels

– Extremely Addictive

– Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements

– Amazing Graphics and Animations

– Great Way To Start a Conversation

– Loser Pays The Bill!

– Lots More To Come!

Check out what some of our fastest users have said about Tug of War.

“So addictive! Must. Keep. Playing!” – Dale M.

“My fingers are building calluses from playing so much!” – Matt L.

“There’s no way anyone can beat “Insane” mode!” – Bill D.

May the stronger fingers win!

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