Truth or Dare™


Play the classic game with your friends in new fun types of games!

Truth or Dare™ from QuizStone® turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod into a social board game with three different types of games and more than 450 more or less embarrassing truth, percent and dare tasks.

QuizStone® reinvents social & trivia gaming and gives them whole new possibilities. Forget all about your old board games. Now you can bring your favourite game with you anywhere – home to friends & family, at school, to the bar or on the holiday.

What are you waiting for? Put your life experience to the test with QuizStone® Truth or Dare™!

★★★★★Smart Gaming★★★★★
• Multiple ways of playing (Truth or Dare Classic™, Truth or Dare Board Game™ & Truth or Dare Fastest Finger™)
• Play alone or with your friends on the same device
• Play it as always in Truth or Dare Classic ™
• Play it as never before in Truth or Dare Board Game™
• Play it with high pulse and sweat on your face in Never Ever Fastest Finger™

★★★★★High Quality Content★★★★★
• The best classic truth and dares plus the new percent category
• Great variation in topics, categories and embarrassment level
• 2nd generation game play

★★★★★Well Designed Features★★★★★
• Professional Scandinavian App Design
• Optimized for iPod, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and Retina display
• View other QuizStone® apps in App Store with a single tap

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