Truth or Dare – Adult Game (Free)

Do you want to turn a boring party in a great experience? Are you looking for a great “Truth or Dare” game?
Whatever you want you are in the right place.
** This version is ad-supported and has no other limitations. If you want to get rid of advertisement, use Remove Ads from Settings screen.

Truth or Dare – Adult Game (Free) extends Truth or Dare Game (Teens), adding lots of tasks with adult content.
Truth or Dare – Adult Game (Free) contains around 900 tasks, about 500 predefined tasks with no sexual content and about 400 tasks with adult content. It is fully customizable, you can add, modify, delete, organize the questions as you like.

Main game features:

– 3 level advance mode: progressive, manual or random;

– random select coworkers;

– players profile photos;

– players score view;

– questions organized in 6 levels, 3 with PG rating (Easy, Normal, Crazy) and 3 containing adult truths and dares;

– fully customizable levels: add / edit / delete / enable / disable / order;

– fully customizable tasks: add / edit / delete / enable / disable;
– password protection.

Have fun!

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