Trunk Time Lite

Trunk Time! The innovating new game with hours of playable content.

Join Girky, the cute elephant on an exciting adventure through the world of Pigtopia to rescue his kidnapped brother Gerpy from the evil King Pig. Dodge, Shoot and Survive waves of pigs to progress through the land of Pigtopia.

With 12 playable levels in the Lite version and a total of 48 levels in the full version you will have more than enough to do. Fight off different breeds of pigs; including exploding piggies, pigs that split into smaller piggies when shot, pigs that shoot mud at the screen, piggies that race around quickly and piggies that can bounce in all sorts of crazy directions! This game will keep you on the edge of your seat whilst playing through all the levels and if that just simply isn’t enough… Then there’s a Survival mode for the superior of gamers that contains a global leaderboard keeping players around the world contending for the title constantly!

There’s no time to waste! Download now and venture through four exciting worlds including Grassy Farmlands, Snow Fields, Desert Plateau and Jungle Vale to save your brother Gerpy today!

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