True Jigsaw

True Jigsaw brings realistic jigsaw puzzles to the iPad and iPhone. We love jigsaws, and wanted to recreate the fun of the classic cardboard puzzles without hunting for lost pieces. True Jigsaw uses the powerful capabilities of the touch screen to make puzzle solving easy and familiar. Playing is completely intuitive. Simply move, rotate, and connect pieces with a single motion.

True Jigsaw is a universal app. The iPad’s big screen gives you the complete True Jigsaw experience, with the largest art and most complex puzzles. Both the iPhone and iPod let you take True Jigsaw mobile and are great for kids puzzles.

Features include:
– Natural piece movement. Putting a puzzle together is just like you remember it.
– You can set puzzle size from 12 to 320 pieces (and sometimes more!), so every picture can be played by all ages and time budgets.
– New puzzle piece patterns are made each time you start a picture. Since every jigsaw pattern is unique, every game is different.
– Over 50 puzzles included. Over 150 additional FREE pictures (including a package for kids) available NOW for in-app download. Even more puzzle packs are available by in-app purchase.
– Change the game to be kid friendly with a single button. Kid puzzles are 12 pieces or less, and have fun, carefully selected pictures.
– During play, you can zoom in and out, lock the edge frame, and peek at the finished picture. Game options include a timer, background colors, and automatic edge piece sorting.
– Use pictures from your own photo library to make puzzles. If your device has a camera, take a picture and use it as a puzzle.
– Different pieces can be moved at the same time, so two people can play together.

Recommended for all iPads, iPhone 3gs and higher, and iPod Touch 2nd gen and higher.

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