True Backgammon HD

True Backgammon for iPad … now also for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

*** Thank you so much for making True Backgammon the best selling Backgammon especially created for the iPad. Dice Games #1 in more than 20 countries. (as of August 2010) ***

We proudly present version 3 of True Backgammon which is now brought to you as a universal app that can be run on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. New features include a new expert level, a manual dice roll option, and six new beautiful board designs (optional in-app purchase).

True Backgammon is a fully featured backgammon game. On the iPad’s large screen you can play the game in the same way you would play on a real backgammon board. Drag one or multiple checkers to their destination or undo moves by just dragging a checker back to its original location. If a checker has only one possible destination, you can even move it by simply double tapping it. The whole gameplay against the computer or a friend is a smooth and convincing experience.

We went to great lengths to port the look and feel to the iPhone and iPod Touch too. Feedback from all of our testers makes us believe that despite their smaller displays we also made an enjoyable gameplay for those devices.

No matter on which device you are playing True Backgammon, it will be as close as it can get to playing the real game.

Play a full match up to 15 points, against the computer or against a friend. Choose playing with or without doubling cube, select light or dark checkers, or play in clockwise or counter clockwise direction. In other words, you choose how you want to play.

This is version 3 of True Backgammon, and we included a lot of ideas and suggestions you sent us in the past few months. Again we love to hear your ideas, suggestions (and even possible bug reports) and promise to work hard to improve True Backgammon again and again.

Feel free to write a review too, but please be aware that we will not be able to answer, contact or help you based on reviews alone, so if you like to hear back from us, please send an email.

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