Truco Criollo

The “Truco”, a popular game, full of craftiness and mischief, was part of the Creole entertaining, and mixed the game of cards with the singing of songs and verses accompanied by guitars. It was especially played by poor “gauchos” in bars, pubs, taverns and suburbs near the towns. Nowadays, it remains as one of Argentina and South America‚Äôs most popular games. It not only depends on chance, but also on lie, defiance, courage and even the poetry of songs, mixing feelings with personal skills.

“Truco Criollo” is a new version of this popular game, set in a typical tavern where gauchos meet each other to play the game, defying whoever comes their way. The combination of realistic graphics, picaresque songs, lies and crafty verses ensure one will feel inside the world of the Argentinean Gaucho.

Characteristics of the Truco Criollo:
Possibility to play against another us er via Bluetooth.
3 Levels to play. Easy (Eulogio), Medium (Celestino) and Hard (Don Zoilo)
Soundtrack recorded in studio
Realistic Graphics.

Spanish decks of forty cards are used for playing Truco. The aim is to reach 30 points. Each player is given 3 cards. The first 15 points are called “malas” and the following ones “buenas”.
There are three callings for scoring points in the game: the “Flower”, the “I raise” and the so-called “Truco” with its diverse variations, which arise as the game unfolds.

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