Trucker Dan vs. Zombies

Mankind has almost been overrun by Zooplux and his zombie forces. All hopes came down to one man “Trucker Dan”. Dan has left his truck following Zooplux who is protected by his nasty zombie army. Dan is determined to follow Zooplux through darkest of forests, scariest of caves and farthest of planets. Get into his shoes and follow and kill Zooplux and his massive zombie army.

Trucker Dan Vs. Zombies is an action packed adventure game which takes you through a journey of caves, forests, graveyards, deserts, haunted farms, deserted lands and all sorts of scary places in a hunt for the ultimate zombie boss Zooplux. Dan is provided with advanced weaponry to fight with nastiest of zombies who come in his way.

Feature Highlights

1) Action packed gameplay with more than 20 different zombies.
2) High speed action with amazing background music and sound effects.
3) One of the rarest iPhone game with cheats codes.
4) In game shop to upgrade weapons and purchase ammo.
5) More than 40 achievements on Game Centre and OpenFeint.

YouTube Video:

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