‘TriviaPad’ is a free multiplayer real-time trivia game for the iPad that is not only about the right answer but also about being quick.
TriviaPad is played in ‘Trivia-rooms’ and all players in a room have to answer the same question at the same time, with the quicker correct answer getting you the higher score. Incorrect answers score negative points but if things get too difficult you’ve got three lifelines at your disposal. There’s also a chat feature to communicate with the other players – discuss your game plan or simply talk about the weather. said this about TriviaPad: ‘The game includes trivia in all kinds of categories like entertainment and sports. The questions are presented to everyone in a room at the same time. Players can chat with the other players they’re playing against while answering questions. The iPad’s large screen is used optimally to constantly display three important windows: chat, the trivia, and score. And, similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, players are given three help buttons that include 50% Joker, Reveal, and Undo.’

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