Trivia withFriends

GEBS trivia is a cool and challenging quiz game you can play to test your general knowledge by competing with your Facebook friends or other online players.

More than 4000 questions are grouped in 7 major categories and the database increases with new questions daily.

*** Enjoy playing with fun and challenging questions ***

You can also choose to play a mixed category game in both single player mode and online mode against one of your Facebook friends or against one of the other players.

A new game can be easily configured by choosing the desired category, number of questions per game, time per question and the difficulty. At the end of a game you will receive a report and your points will be updated after competing against an opponent.

Each user has a game history containing the number of games played, the number of games won and a ranking based on his playing abilities.

Enjoy GEBS trivia and compete for the highest score in the leading board section. You can contribute by submitting your own creative quiz questions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at or at facebook/TriviaWithFriendsCommunity and rate us with 5 stars if you enjoy our game. You can visit also our site

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