Trivia Rally

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The TriviaRally-App provides very educational and interesting entertainment for the whole family. Through the apps’ integrated “training mode” you can use it without limitation as a challenging trivia for a wide range of subjects.

But the special feature of TriviaRally is the integrated competition. Periodically we give away attractive prizes to the winner. You can post your highscore and take part in the competition for free.

The participant who achieved the highest score at the end of the competition and submitted this score to our highscore will win.

Besides the 10 Joker credits for using in the rally, which every user will be granted upon downloading the app, you have the possibility to buy more Joker credits. You can buy 5, 15, 30, 60, 150 or 300 Joker credits.

The competition works as follows: You have to answer 20 questions as fast as possible. The points you will achieve for each correct answer are tied to the amount of time it took you to answer the question. For each question you have a maximum of 20 seconds for answering. All 20 questions are chosen randomly from the range of subjects. There are 4 jokers, which will help you if you are having trouble answering a question. The first joker simply erases two wrong answers. Through the use of the second joker you can see statistics, which show on a percentage basis the probability of each answer being correct. The probability is being calculated according to the usage of the trivia by all players. The third joker lets you skip the current question. The fourth Joker shows the right answer and the actual points will be accounted to your score. As soon as you give a wrong answer, the current try is finished.

Apple Inc. is not a sponsor or involved in any manner in this contest.

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