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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Challenge your friends to a game of trivia with TRIVIA PARTY by Lamplighter Games! The best FREE Trivia App there is :)

TechCrunch says, “Trivia Party is a comfortable mix between a standard trivia night out at a bar, and the social gaming format of Draw Something.”

• Leaderboard: See how your score ranks among your friends
• Personal Stats: See your best & worst categories
• Notes: Leave your friends a note after you’ve answered a question
• Facebook Feed Gaming: Post interactive questions to your Facebook Newsfeed and see if your friends can answer them
• Past Games: View previous games, and see final scores
• Practice Mode: Play solo or without logging in
• Turn sound off



★ General Knowledge ★
• History
• Geography
• Games
• Art
• Science
• Literature

★ Entertainment ★
• Music
• TV
• Celebrities
• Movies
• Performing Arts

★ Sports ★
• Baseball
• Football
• Basketball
• Soccer
• Auto Racing

••• HOW TO PLAY •••

➊ Start a game with a Facebook friend or Random opponent

➋ Select a category. All of your questions will be from topics within this category.

➌ You and your opponent will go back and forth answering questions. Each question begins by selecting your desired level of difficulty, and is followed by selecting the Topic for your opponent’s next question

➍ Whoever had the highest score once someone loses all 5 lives, WINS!

If you don’t know an answer, here’s some help:

➜ 50/50 – Removes 2 possible answers
➜ HINT – We’ll give you a clue to help you figure out the correct answer
➜ PASSBACK – Send this question back to your opponent for them to answer if you don’t think they’ll know it.

For a limited time, invite your friends and get 100 coins FREE!

Use of this app requires a Facebook account.

Thousands of questions, new ones added everyday!


• Challenge friends from your Contact List & Twitter

We’d love to hear from you! Please send ideas, bugs, and questions to us:


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