Trivia Buddy – Brand & Punchline

*** Free for Limited Period of Time ***

Trivia Buddy Brand & Punchline is a fun-filled trivia quiz game which progressively gets harder as you go up the levels. This Puzzle Game will test your wits and your IQ as you are asked to identify companies by their Taglines or their Slogans. As you go further up the ladder by giving correct answers and the game’s format starts to change- your grey cells become even more stimulated. Get hints for those difficult questions, share your top scores on Facebook and Twitter; impress your friends! Show the world that you are a force to be reckoned with

•450 Taglines and Slogans.

•Ads are the main source to Taglines and Slogans which we usually see on Television. So brush up your mind and start answering.

•Use the hints if you get stucked somewhere,.

•Having a look at the Statistics to know how you performed.

•Share on Social Websites and Start Competing with friends.

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