Hello, dear Player!
I am glad you are here.

I have made this game for you.
Is it worth playing, you may ask.
I am not the right person to answer.
You can play and find out for yourself.

The heroes of the game are the bricks.
They life is not easy.
They fall and bounce all the time.
The bricks have one goal.
They want to defeat the evil gravity.

You can help them.
Play the game and control the bricks.
Try to match three of the same color.
Be careful as their speed increases.
Do not let gravity win.

Good luck my friend.
The bricks are counting on you!


Players about TRITRI:

Tazito: “Fun and addictive game.”

Ismail: “It is so addictive! Keep up the good work.”

Williams: “Never thought this game is so challenging. I enjoy TRITRI very much! :)”

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