Triplo Free

Triplo game is a traditional solitaire card game from Singapore and Malaysia, passing down through many generations. The gameplay is additive, yet simple, giving you many hours of fun without stopping.

Player’s objective is to achieve as many positive point as he can. Hard earned points can easily flushed down to negative if you made the wrong decision. Sharp mind with quick calculation and proper strategy are the keys to scoring high in this game.

Enjoy Triplo!

Rule for the game and Scoring

- To begin, player draws card from the stack of cards on the left hand side and open it in sequence.
- Player need to match 3 card that can added up to 10, 20, 30 point.
- Player can only match the first 3 cards in a row or match the first 2 cards with the last card.
When the 3 cards adds up to multiples of 10, it can be clear from the table by clicking OK.
- The aim in playing Triplo is to clear all cards on the table within 3 round.

1 = 1 point, 2 = 2 point,…….10 = 10 points, J = 20, Q = 20, K = 30
Additional 30 bonus point will be awarded for 3 JQKs in a row. Combinations can be JJJ, JQK, JJQ ect.

There are a total of 3 round per game. Each round last for 2.5 minutes.

At any time, if the card are not in player favor, Player can decide either to end the game early in the 1st or 2nd round to save point.
There will be penalty for (1) ending the game early or (2) unable to clear the game on the 3rd round.
1st round ending -50 point
2nd round ending -100 point
3rd round ending -150 point
If can’t game on 3rd round -200 point
If time run out -300 point

500 point will be awarded if the player can game on either 1st, 2nd or 3rd round


Triplo is the action game that keeps you puzzling!

♕ In 1909, tsar Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, and connoisseur of fine art, decided to honour his predecessor, Alexander III by commissioning Carl Fabergé, jeweler by special appointment to the Imperial Crown, a finely decorated easter egg.

♕ The resulting piece of art, known as the Alexander III commemorative egg, carried a sophisticated surprise inside — a finely crafted mechanical game, in memory of Alexander’s fondness for puzzling.

♕ Furnished with colorful emerald, amethyst, sapphire, amber and topaz gem stones, the game and its mesmerizing patterns proved so addictive that Nicholas was afraid that he would not be able to carry out his imperial duties, fearing the downfall of the Russian empire; so he ordered the egg to be destroyed.

Indeed, to this day, the Fabergé egg has never been found again. But, almost a century later, the original blueprints mysteriously showed up at an antique shop in the Rastro district of Madrid and got in the hands of a software developer.

♕ Recognizing its historical importance, and aware of the potential risk of addiction provoked by playing the game, he decided to create a digital reproduction of it, thus restoring the original game to its former glory.

Control and place the falling blocks and combine at least three blocks of the same color horizontally or diagonally to make them disappear.

Any other existing blocks will disappear and keep collapsing as long as there are combinations – three collapses in a row is called a Triplo and will be rewarded with many points.

Enable Wizard Mode to resolve challenging patterns and get extra points!

Good luck!

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