A solitaire game with three connected card pyramids. Build regardless of suit counting up or down from the card on top of the pile.
Tri Peaks (also known as Three Peaks, Tri Towers or Triple Peaks) is a solitaire card game that is akin to the solitaire games Golf and Black Hole. The tripeaks uses one deck and the object is to clear three peaks made up of cards.
Tripeaks starts with eighteen cards dealt face-down on the tableau to form three pyramids (hence tripeaks) with three overlapping tiers each. Over these three pyramids, Tripeaks, are ten face-up cards. tripeaks, solitaire tripeaks, tripeaks solitaire, tripeaks free.

This game with all the superb features, graphics, and animations that you would expect on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad :)

• Unlimited undos / redos
• Card placement hints
• Single-tap to place a card and Drag and Drop
• Scores, Moves, and Times
• Statistics
• Awesome graphics and animations
• Support GameCenter
• Support Universal
• Support Retina Display