Trifecta Blocks Challenge

TRIFECTA BLOCKS CHALLENGE is an addicting game that is simple and fun for everyone. Try to get a high score by tapping and exploding groups of 3 or more identical blocks. Time is running out but don’t rush – this is a game of strategy! Multiple game board sizes and endless new blocks appearing allow for exciting challenges and game play.

★ Two types of gameplay: Timed and Unlimited
★ Timed – Try to tap and clear as many blocks before the red timer bar on top runs out.
★ Unlimited – There is no timer but game ends when any block column reaches the top
★ Higher points awarded for bigger group of blocks exploded
★ Bonuses are awarded for tapping on groups of 7 or more blocks exploded in one tap
★ Screen flashes to warn you if the game is almost over
★ Keep track of High Scores for each type of gameplay and levels
★ Great sound effects
★ Colorful visuals
★ Optimized for iOS 6
★ Optimized for Retina Display
★ iPhone 5 and iPad ready
★ Fun for all ages!

Download now FOR FREE and see if you can’t put it down!!

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