Tribe Santa HD

**Tribe Santa is Christmas edition of our original game, Tribe Hero. If you found Tribe Santa fun and like it, try Tribe Hero as well. New graphics, new units, more fun!!

Can you imagine Christmas without presents? It simply wouldn’t be the same without them. Evil elfs have come to ensure that this happens. However, there’s something you can do! Join our Tribe Santa and help him in his attempt to deliver all the Christmas presents in time!

No matter if you’re bored, sleepy, or just tired, Tribe Santa HD is here to keep you awake and bring you countless happy moments through joy and fun.

And remember, reaching the far end in-game is surely to be awarded!!;)

Some of the Tribe Santa features brought to you include:

– different units for different game play
– clever AI
– ground-breaking in-game mechanics
– remarkable and revolutionary upgrade system (armor and defense upgrades)
– funny and interesting story of our Tribe Santa
– HD graphics, regardless of the device you’re playing on
– … much much more

It does not matter what age you are, Tribe Santa is here to bring many improvements into your gaming life, weather you’re just an occasional or every-day player.

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