“It has all the makings of an instant classic.” – CNET Reviews

“It’s impossible to be anything but amazed . . . you owe it to yourself to purchase Triazzle.” – 148Apps

“Triazzle 3.0 is one of the most uniquely beautifully and ultimately playable games I have yet to see on the iPhone . . . Technically the game is a marvel.” – TUAW

“‘Triazzle may be the best brain-teasing game yet on the iPhone, and is a front runner to win best brain teasing game next year in the AppAwards.” – appadvice

“Albie Meter: 5/5 Stars… unlike anything you’ve seen before.” – TouchArcade Forums

“There is only one word that can be used to describe Triazzle for the iPhone… flawless.” – appVersity

“This game is absolutely, positively, extremely gorgeous.” – nodpad

TRIAZZLE IS THE CAPTIVATING, ANIMATED MATCHING PUZZLE THAT COMES TO LIFE! Match the triangular puzzle pieces containing colorful characters in this beautiful, pick-up-and-play puzzle-game based on the award-winning brain teasers. Seven puzzle modes, an endless supply of challenges, stunning artwork and exotic, original music make Triazzle a delight for the mind as well as the senses.

DAN GILBERT’S CLASSIC BRAIN TEASER HAS SOLD OVER 5 MILLION COPIES since it was introduced in 1991. To solve Triazzle you must correctly match ALL the illustrated triangles in a 9 or 16-piece puzzle. MATCHING AN INDIVIDUAL PIECE CORRECTLY DOES NOT MEAN IT IS IN THE RIGHT SPOT TO SOLVE THE PUZZLE! When pieces are correctly matched their characters come to life! The more you solve, the more Triazzle will hop, flap, wiggle, spin and glow!

Casual gamers and puzzle enthusiasts will appreciate Triazzle’s simple premise and mind-stimulating challenge. With its intuitive interface, you’ll be playing immediately and will love the richly colorful graphics and bewitching music that accompanies you as you develop your skills to solve the more difficult puzzles.

The Matches feature tracks your correct matches and highlights them when tapped. The animated Hint feature can assist you by showing you the correct piece for any spot in the puzzle. If you just can’t solve a puzzle “Summon the Triazzle gods” with a shake of your iPhone – then watch as the puzzle is solved for you, piece by piece!

WE’VE ALSO INCLUDED KIDS’ GAMES FOR PLAYERS 5 AND UP! These simpler puzzles are perfect to build coordination and logical thinking skills.

You are not required to unlock levels. Play any level and format at any time. There is no clock to beat and no score so just kick back, relax and use your brain.

THINK IT LOOKS EASY? For 19 years we’ve been saying, “It’s harder than it looks!” And now it’s also more fun than ever!

OS3-OS4 recommended.


– Pick-up-and-play, Triazzle is intuitive and easy to learn!
– 9 and 16 piece puzzle formats – others on the way!
– Beginner, intermediate and difficult levels
– Special Kids’ Games for players 5 and up
– Puzzle characters come to life when correctly matched
– Pieces are easy to manipulate, touch and drag, tap to rotate
– Retractable “docks” store puzzle pieces
– “Matches” feature highlights correctly matched pieces
– Animated Hints assists you when you need help
– “Shake-to-Solve” completes any puzzle for you
– “Simple Backgrounds” option provides less detailed screens for visually challenged
– Easy to follow, illustrated Help screens
– No clock for stress-free game play
– Games in play are automatically saved

– Dozens of stunning graphical environments

– Exotic original score by film & TV composer Billy White Acre

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