Triangular Nim 劃圈圈

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The average comment rate is 4.3/ full score 5. Thank you for all the Leopard supporter. The brand-new Draw Circle changed New Version.

Have you ever play the “Draw circle” when you were in the childhood? Or have you ever try to look for a piece of paper? This time, you do not need to look for a piece of paper, or draw on your books. You can download this game to your smart phone, and to play the “Draw circle” with your friends!!

The Feature:
1. The colorful paper-cut style, and to matching with the color pencils, it will makes you more addicted.
2. To connect this game, so you can able to play with your friends.
3. The cute emotion symbol and game messages can makes the game more fun.
4. To add the circling mode, it will makes this game more exciting.
5. More images variation, it will makes this game more challenge.
6. Combine the Leopard matching system, so you can able to chat with your friends while online.

平均評價4.3 / 滿分5分


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