Tressette HD

After the great success of Briscola, scopa and Tressette for iPhone and Briscola HD and Scopa HD for iPad we are pleased to present Tressette HD for iPad.
4 different types of challenge:
– Against the Computer
– One against an iPhone on the same
– One on one local network via Wi-Fi
– One on one via bluetooth

2 different variations:
– Tressette
– Traversone

All 16 original decks of cards DalNegro (kindly granted by Teodomiro DalNegro Spa)
2 bunches already inside the
– Napoletane
– Piacentini

14 packs downloadable from the internet, for free, with a simple Tap:
– Bergamasche
– Bolognesi
– Bresciane
– Genoa
– Milanesi
– Piemontesi
– Poker (French)
– Romagnole
– Sarde
– Siciliane
– Toscane
– Trentine
– Triestina
– Trevisan

3 levels of difficulty, with a nice graphics and great ease of use.

For any questions or write to or a comment posted on the site support

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