Awesome Brain Twister ★★★★★
“This is a GREAT game! It feels very well polished, the sound track and other audibles fit well and the artwork is crisp. It is a fantastic example of ‘pick-up and play’ as well as simple controls.”
HowieFiveOh | U.S. Reviewer

Addictive ★★★★★
“This game twisted my mind… In a good way!”
Bezyonker | U.K. Reviewer

Journey through our galactic neighbourhood in a quest to bring order back to the Treskian boards and restore harmony across the universe!

Tresk delivers a fresh twist to the classic sliding tile puzzle game. Rotate, Slide and Flip your way through 36 unique challenges across 6 Galaxies and 4 game modes*.

• Mind bending puzzles
• Beat the Clock, Limited Moves & Ultimate modes
• Stunning galactic backdrops
• Celestial soundtrack by Cragstar
• Game Center integration
• Facebook / Twitter integration

*Tresk provides the first puzzle pack free of charge and is playable across all four game modes. A further puzzle pack can be unlocked free of charge by enabling a social network. Additional puzzle packs can be unlocked with In-App purchasing.

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