Tremendo Trivia! Globe Free

How well do you know your way around the globe? Would you like to increase your knowledge of geography? Or do you want to challenge yourself to find out how high your geographic IQ really is?

Then Tremendo Trivia! Globe is the game for you!

• Test your knowledge of four different geographic features — U.S. STATES, U.S. STATE CAPITALS, WORLD COUNTRIES, or WORLD CAPITALS — all within the same app!

• Identify each feature on a fully INTERACTIVE GLOBE!

• Choose from THREE BACKGROUND IMAGES for the globe — Day, Night, or Clouds.

• Whether you consider yourself an amateur or an expert, you can tailor the game with THREE LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY:

◦ Easy: See geographic features grouped together by region, and select your answer from a list of choices.

◦ Medium: See geographic features grouped together by region, but now you must recall their names from memory.

◦ Hard: At this level, the features are scattered across the globe. After mastering the Easy and Medium levels, this shouldn’t be hard at all, right? Let’s find out…

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