Treasure Coin Chest: Pirates Edition

Treasure Coin Chest: Pirates Edition, the guaranteed-fun packed game in:

* No.1 app in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore!
* Top 10 game in France, Germany, Belgium and Denmark!
* Top 25 app in the U.S, UK, Australia and many more!

Treasure Coin Chest: Pirates Edition brings a new twist to the conventional coin arcade game onto your iPhone/iPod/iPad! Drop gold coins into the slot and test your skills by grabbing as many treasures as possible within set time limits in a totally unique coin-op platform. Use sparkling pearls to unleash special items like a mega size shovel or a extra large sized cargo ship to collect items! Unlock new treasures, new ships and feel the thrill of victory!


– Impressive 3-D graphics and ultra realistic physics
– No advertisements to disrupt the addictive gameplay
– Earn free pearls for you to purchase special items
– Dozens of challenging stages to unlock
– Unlimited special effects and features
More updates coming soon!

Treasure Coin Chest HD: Pirates Edition is also available on the iPad!

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