TRAXXAS Short Course Shoot Out

Experience the thrill of short course racing! Select from a variety of vehicle types and driver skins, and race to the finish on multiple tracks!

Drive on four tracks, including Bark River, Crandon, Charlotte and Chicago.

Play with a variety of vehicle classes, including Super Buggy, Pro Lite, Pro 2 and Pro 4 – all with realistic driving physics and engine sounds.

Practice in Arcade mode; Progress in Career mode; And play against your friends in local wifi multiplayer mode.

Race with six vehicles on track to provide a real-world racing experience and the ability to compete against multiple vehicles in all modes.

Earn in-game achievements and win daily, weekly and monthly prizes from Your account is set up when you develop a player profile, so it’s quick and easy.

Increase your performance with in-app purchases for increased performance.

Shop the Alli Moto shop from directly within the game.

Key Features:
-Win real-world prizes from your favorite brands through!
-Real-time leaderboard data
-4 tracks to progress through your career
-Track layouts based on real-world locations
-3 modes of play: Arcade, Career and Match-Up
-Select from a variety of vehicle types and driver skins
-iPod Touch, iPhone and HD iPad versions available
-Multiple camera views, including inside and outside vehicles
-Responsive tilt steering interface
-Live ticker with all the latest TRAXXAS news and information
-Social network integration and shopping functionality

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