Hey! Don’t look around, it’s you! Actress is missing! No time for introduction, save the actress after the installation.


It’s a special character, he lives in a unexpected place, a dump. He is a robot. His name is Trashboy. He is shame, but he own a very special ability when he was angry, he can spilt out the oil. A crowd of evil robot took his favorite toy because they want him angry. So Trashman made all kinds of traps, oil as a bait , tempt evil robot went in the trap and destroyed them.


★Action, strategy, adventure game
★Easy operation, only need one hand, you can move, or fire the oil.
★Simple rule, it needs strategy, fire the oil, tempt monster go into trap, destroyed all monster.
★abundant props items, Firehosereel,Deceleration prop help you destroy monster
★plentiful game level, 4 scenes, forest, jokul,town,park , 10 level for each scene.
★different kinds of specialities monster, some monsters can eat others

Move: click any spot which can reach
fire oil :drag any location then hold, adjust the direction by rotation, loose your finger, then the oil is out.
Oil: Monster likes oil better than player. Be attention, the upper limit is different
Strategy: smart moving, oil, props, making use of scene let you successful easily.
survive: Be touched by monster, go into the trap can cause death

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