Trash the Teacher

Ever wanted to get back at your teacher? Ever wanted revenge for all that homework?
Want to see your teacher lose it like an enraged bull?
Now you can!

Pick your weapon carefully ………. bombard your teacher until they are nothing more than a screaming banshee of quivering protoplasm, let go of all that boiling fury from down the years and reach your Nirvana! Remember, growing old is certain, growing up is optional.

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Sling, heave, lob, fling, hurl, launch, pitch, fire or chuck paper balls, erasers, pencil sharpeners, sticky doughnuts and ‘tossed’ salad and mayo filled sandwiches….

The more you hit the teacher, the more the Rage meter fills …. till it explodes!
Use the cherry bombs to defuse wayward missiles and help to break the teachers spirit!

Don’t forget to come back regularly and check for updates as new stuff will be added all the time: new projectiles to annoy the teachers with and weird & wonderful new classrooms designs…. Biology, Science, History ….. and many more…….

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