Trash Of The World

Featured as New and Noteworthy
Trash of the World is a brand new trashing experience for the iPhone! In the Trash of the World, your goal is to keep the beautiful streets of the world free of trash by mastering the skills of an experienced trash tosser. Toss away in 5 beautifully hand-drawn cities with trash unique to the local culture in each city. Experience the atmosphere as though you were there!

Trash of the World features:
– One free city with online leaderboard integration
– Unlock all additional cities and remove iAds through a simple In App Purchase
– iPhone Retina display support for iPhone4. Play these beautiful cities in ultra high resolution!
– Drag-and-release game mechanics allow you to perfect your shots much easier than traditional flick-style gameplay.
– Three distinct difficulty levels for five gorgeous locations provide fifteen different playing experiences
– Variable wind speeds affect trash flight paths
– Bank shots off walls in certain cities to test your trick shot abilities
– Ambient sounds specific to each environment enhance your experience

Global online leaderboards on LeftRight’s MogiMe gaming network track all your high scores. Compare your scores with friends and other competitors in-game or on!

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