Transylvania Adventure Lite

This is the free version of Transylvania Adventure, which allows players to get a taste of the full version.

“Ideal iPhone Adaptation of a Classic”

– Jennifer Beam, review in AppCraver

Princess Sabrina needs you!

Come play the classic adventure game Transylvania™. This is a remake of the popular personal computer game from the 1980s. You will wander a haunted landscape and face a howling werewolf, a sinister vampire, and other supernatural foes on your quest to find and rescue the princess!

Transylvania™ is an old-school, retro-graphics adventure game, with a new twist — a friendly iPhone interface:

● A spin control (or a standard command line) for entering commands
● Tap to move around or take/look at objects
● Tap and hold on objects to get a menu of commands
● Handy buttons for:
– Help
– Checking inventory
– Saving your game
– Switching between text and graphics
– Running away from monsters!

There are also plenty of spooky sounds and a few animations thrown in, too!

But beware the werewolf…

Author’s Note to New Players:

This game is the product of two developers’ hard work. It is designed to be a fun, nostalgic experience for those who remember the original adventure games of yore, and new players who want to enjoy a fun little game. It is not a modern, shoot-‘em-up with Hollywood production values.

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