Drop bombs and eliminate enemies!! Highly addictive pick up and play game!
Ultimate Bombing with skills and strategy! Guarantee hours of fun and challenges!!!

“Transbomber promises to provide challenging and addictive fun for a long time!”

“…you’d be hard pressed to find a better game than Kuma Lab’s Transbomber”

“…oddly addicting”

“…its an enjoyable game that will not disappoint you”

“…and the explosions are truly satisfying”

“This game is a challenge and will hook you instantly”

“…Transbomber is one hard but extremely fun game…”

“…enjoyed every second of it”

“…Transbomber will be a lot more exciting than your imagination”

See Transbomber in action!

New & Noteworthy (Arcade and Puzzle) in US, UK and France!

4 different bombs – Each with its own massive destructive power
60 unique levels – Each level require brute force, logic and perhaps … luck!!

How to play:
Tap at the right time to drop bomb

Warning: Split second of hesitation during the game will result in mission failure!

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