Trails in the Star

“ Trails in the Star” is a delicate balance of 3D game, very easy to use, enjoyed by young and old, challenging and fun.
Full 3D rendering, and relaxed game content, concise picture of the scene in a relaxed, improve our thinking and coordination skills.
Easy to operate, by swinging the device control the planet through the bombs, traps and other obstacles to reach the target point.

The game features:
General version, support for the iPod touch, the iPad, iPhone device.
The real 3D application of the physical simulation games
three game difficulty, an achievement open levels, a total of 100 mark. Different scene increasinge.
Support GameCenter global achievements and rankings.

LW of the more interesting games:
Happy Star (Happy Star) – lovely fun puzzle game, help the stars successfully landed the ground.

Sina weibo to find us: @ longwangstudio

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