Traffic Chaos 4C

The idea of Traffic Chaos was inspired from the traditional traffic crossing games. However, the maps in traditional games are quite simple with straight roads and cross corner. Understanding players’ expectation, we made this game more attractive by adding more maps with complex roads, corners and roundabouts.

Players have to unlock the normal maps in order to experiment the new advanced maps. Entering an advanced map, players have to be careful with “lorry exit” sign, which indicates the way out for any Lorries that appear on the road. This means you have to lead the coming lorry to the exit way otherwise you will lose the game. Anyway, don’t be so worry; an attention icon will be appeared before a lorry coming into the traffic.

A part from the traditional maps, Traffic Chaos provides 7 more advanced maps for you to conquer:


Challenge your high scores at any time playing Traffic Chaos.

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