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Toy Story 3 Review

With the excellent Toy Story 3 film topping the box office, the classic Pixar franchise about the lives of toys still seems to resonate with moviegoers. Does the game Woody’s Wild Ride, part of the free Toy Story 3 iPhone app, have what it takes to live up to the hype? Possibly, but in its current state it feels rushed.

If you’ve seen the film, you probably recall the intro scene where the toys are playing out a climactic Western showdown. Woody’s Wild Ride takes place here, with Woody chasing after the evil Dr. Porkchop. The gameplay consists of controlling Woody on Bullseye as he moves forward in on-rails style, jumping over obstacles, collecting stars to fill up your dash meter, and lassoing various objects.

Each level is slightly different from the last, bringing in new elements such as gaps you need to jump over and switches that must be lassoed in order to turn off laser beams. The final level is a boss battle where you need to redirect rockets at Evil Dr. Pork Chop’s hovercraft while maneuvering around gaps and moving platforms. Some things do seem out of place, however, like leprechaun henchmen who have nothing to do with Toy Story in any way.

Run like the wind, Bullseye.

There are 10 levels in Woody’s Wild Ride, and the entire game takes about a half-hour to complete. This is a little disappointing, since it’s quite fun otherwise. It’s also quite easy for the most part and has checkpoints far too frequently, making us think this was designed mainly for kids to enjoy.

If you want, you can set up a profile in the game and post a high score to the online leaderboards after completing all 10 levels. This is a nice addition, even if the leaderboards aren’t as robust as we are used to in other games.

Other issues with Woody’s Wild Ride are that the graphics are sub-par and boring, and the frame rate is pretty low. The tilt controls are great, but the game can only recognize one touch input at a time, so you can’t jump or lasso while dashing. Still, there is a nice movie-style cutscene and the game features voiceovers from the original actors.

As fun as Woody’s Wild Ride was while it lasted, it’s hard to recommend due to the lack of polish and replay value. Younger Toy Story fans might get their money’s worth, but anyone else should be cautious of the snake in their boot.