Toy Adventure

The toys are trying to escape the toy store, and they need your help!

Discover the Magic of Toy Run! When you play this amazing new game from Lab 927, it’s like stepping into a movie and controlling the characters!

JUMP over toys, SLIDE under obstacles, and DOUBLE-JUMP over large gaps! You’ll have a hard time putting this one down!

The beautiful graphics and animations will blow you away, and the excitement of the game will keep you coming back for more!


★ Stunning original soundtrack brings the game to life in front of you!
★ Simple swipe and tap controls that are easy and fun to use!
★ The best endless runner with the DOUBLE jUMP feature!
★ Play as 8 AMAZING and unique characters!
★ Collect coins to unlock exciting power ups and cool features!
★ “Real Life” toy store graphics!
★ Unlock objectives and achievements to increase your score!
★ Play with your friends on Game Center!

Download it now!

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