Towers of England

Brilliant casual game for smart people and clever children.

The objective is to build six color towers. Blue, green, red, cyan, magenta and brown towers have 7 bricks of different size.

Initially all bricks are mixed. You can solve puzzle by moving bricks. Use 2 rules.

Rule 1. You can move any brick to empty column.
Rule 2. You can move small brick to large brick of same color.

That’s all, folks.

In free level pack you can choose any of 12 simple puzzles, each one can be solved by 29 brick moves.

If you buy Daily Cup Pack you can play and win Daily Cup.
If you solve three Daily fresh Puzzles better then anyone you will became Hero of Day in www.

If you buy Unlimited Pack you can play 1 000 000 puzzles.
Remember that only 3 people from 1000 can build towers in our brilliant game.

I hope you are one of them.

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