An amazingly addictive and beautiful tower defense game, Tower X will not let you sleep.

### ON SALE! 0.99USD for a limited time. This is a universal app which will run on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with one purchase! ###

– Runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
– Insanely addictive
– High quality vector style graphics and animations
– Highly balanced for tower defense lovers
– Gamers at any skill level can get into it
– Easy to play but tough to become an expert!
– An excellent, pumping soundtrack by Redshirt Theory
– Increase your game speed when you become awesome at the game
– 8 unique levels
– 12 types of towers consisting of laser, heat, virus and cold towers
– Unlimited mode so you can play forever
– A myriad of achievements to accomplish
– Zoom in and out of the arena seamlessly with pinching
– High scores that you can compare to your mates
– Automatic saving and resuming

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