Tower Up: With Friends Free

Try to get up to the sky with your friends! Test your reflexes and logical thinking
Share of more than 30 achievements and see which of you is the best builder!
Play Tower Up is easy and fun to use all the advantages of Facebook. Be always up to the challenge your friends. Build a tower together, and compete in the number of building blocks. For every friend the game will give you a nice bonus.

Special features:
• Unique multiplayer! You can always play with your friends
• Play for a while, check your skills, find out who is the best among your friends
• The award-winning, share with your friends, invite them to the game and get bonuses
• Unique combination of test reactions and the ability to solve puzzles
• Great graphics and pleasant environment
• A unique and user-friendly interface

Beautiful graphics, unique characters and the ability to compete with your friends will not leave you indifferent and drops to this wonderful game.

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