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Tower Bloxx New York is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Tower Bloxx New York Review

We believe anyone who picks up Tower Bloxx New York will be able to instantly understand it and have a pretty good time. This game mixes the neighborhood-building of SimCity with an easily understandable yet challenging tower-building game for some enjoyable results.

Tower Bloxx New York is centered on building towers block by block, in the most precarious way possible: by a swinging crane. Each block dangles from a crane arcing in an elliptical loop, and it’s your job to tap the screen to get the block to fall as precisely as possible.

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

If you don’t lay your blocks straight, the tower will begin to wobble, making the process even tougher. Your score is based on your residents’ level of happiness, and getting blocks to land perfectly straight will give you a happiness multiplier. The more stable your tower, the happier your residents will be.

Even though tower building is the basic gameplay, the highlight is “Board Game” mode, which functions as a campaign, and tasks you with building entire city blocks full of residential towers, commercial towers, monuments, and skyscrapers. The SimCity-esque part comes in when you realize how each building relates to one another.

The goal is to gain maximum happiness from your tower residents, and naturally, people in residential towers like to have a commercial tower next to them. Who wouldn’t like an Apple store or a Gamestop on their block? Building a residential tower might yield you 200 happiness, but having a well-built commercial tower adjacent to it will multiply its happiness by three. Deciding where to place your towers to gain maximum happiness is a crucial element for success.

Start spreading the news.

You don’t have unlimited turns to make your residents happy, however. You’re assigned a number of cards at the beginning of each neighborhood that act as turns, and once you’ve made your way through the deck, time’s up. Each card will have one or two actions you can perform in that turn, and it’s up to you to decide which will yield the most happiness.

Do you build a monument early on to gain a small amount of happiness every time you draw a card, or do you unlock a bunch of land, so you’ll never run out of places to build? Tower Bloxx NYC makes it easy to track your progress with a happiness gauge that fills with every action, and stars to mark your progress towards bronze, silver, and gold medals. The meter will even tell you how much happiness a spot on the map will earn you when you’re deciding where to place a tower.

We also appreciate the game’s little touches, like how it lovingly pays homage to the City that Never Sleeps with its cartoony (yet accurate) map of Manhattan. The quick play option lets you see how high you can build a tower without it falling to the ground, and as your tower climbs the background changes from street level to skyline to space.

The only problem we had with Tower Bloxx New York was that it often slows down or pauses at crucial times, and since stacking a tower properly is all about timing, this results in some cheap mistakes on your part. Other than that, we would have liked to see a deeper city-building experience with more tower varieties, but that just means Digital Chocolate has something to work on for next time. Tower Bloxx New York is an accessible yet challenging and fun game, so go throw on some Alicia Keys or Frank Sinatra and build a tower that puts the Empire State Building in your shadow.