Touch!SKE48 – チームKⅡ 選抜編 -

You should be the best brain athlete with SKE48.

■“TOUCH!SKE48” is an application you can exercise your brain with enjoying.
There are 20 kinds of expressions line up in panel.
Please select quickly the expression and touch it.
If you can touch it correctly, the panel will disappear.
If you touch it incorrectly, she will complain it.
How fast can you extinguish all panels?
Do the best to be the world fastest player.
And the order of the panel is “2,432,902,008,176,640,000”.
You can play again and again because the number is choosen randomly.
The brain exercise application you can play continuously.
Can you be the best brain athlete?

★The materials are completely for only this application.
The movies, pictures, etc were taken for only this application.

■The rule
Please touch the design that is indicated from the 20 panels that has 4 panels in width and 5 panels in length.
When you touch the panel, you can hear the voice that depends on your answer. If it is correct, the panel will disappear and if it is incorrect , the life will disappear. If you lose 5 lives, the game is over. You can compete time until all panels disappear. And you can also compete with the players all over the world.

■About SKE48
The AKB from Akihabara,Tokyo advanced to Sakae, Nagoya.
The name’s origin is the initial letter of Sakae where SKE48 is mainly active.
And Yasushi Akimoto who is also lyricist is a general producer of SKE48 that started from July 30,2008.
SKE48’s concept is “an idol group whom you can go and see”.
They active at the second floor of an entertainment complex“SUNSHINE SAKAE” in Sakae, Nagoya and the studio of SKE48 “SUNSHINE STUDIO” on mainly weekend. They mainly dance, sing and talk for about 2 hours.

★The brain application
The sport is that for input such as sight and listen, human perform a judgment by processing in brain and express the output it with a body. On the other hand, the application that offers the excitement and the experience as the same as playing sport is defined as “the brain application”. As the first product, “TOUCH!SKE48” will be released. Recently, we take a computer game and a video game as a sport like an electronic sport. So we produce and spread “brain application” as an application that everyone can enjoy.

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